The end of my Scaling Dam windsurfing and my website!

When the Committee (predominately dinghy racers) informed members on the 1st February 2017 that the Bosun was being made the Water Safety Manager (WSM) they also included major changes to sailing times which only affected casual sailors/windsurfers.

For casual sailors/windsurfers the season would be 12 weeks shorter than the dinghy racing season and no mid-week sessions!

Click this link for the Water Safety Manager document. Note: there is no Wednesday or Friday afternoon coverage all season!
After prolonged discussions the committee rescinded the cuts in casual sailing/windsurfing sessions. However this decision was to be reviewed after 2 months - which may mean more cuts to casual sailing/windsurfing in May 2017!

Also dinghy racers have paid safety crew (paid by all members) for all sessions but casual sailors/windsurfers have to manage with voluntary safety boat coverage!

I think the consequence of this for casual sailors/windsurfers is that there will be many occasions where they arrive at the club but won't be able to sail/windsurf as there will be no volunteer safety crew making it a waste of time and fuel!
A proposal for paid Safety Crew for all sessions was discussed but the committee voted against it.

I have therefore decided to try pastures new and have joined Derwent Sailing Club where the fee is £135.00/year and they have paid safety boat crew. This means no duties and guaranteed sailing/windsurfing on the days they are open.

I am sorry to be leaving Scaling Dam as I have made some very good friends but I don't want to be treat as a 2nd class member and I need guaranteed windsurfing time after travelling a 60 mile round trip.